Monday, 7 August 2017

Solar Power System - Off Grid & Grid Based Power Systems In Kerala

Solar Power System
Solar Power Systems help to generate power from solar energy. The solar energy passes through the solar photovoltaic panels and the power is generated. From the olden days, we are familiar with solar panels. We may have solar based emergency lamps in our home. Our parents may shift the solar panels to get more sunlight or we may remove the shadow from trees if it falls on the solar panels.

But the production cost and installation of solar panels for a whole home electricity it is not at all feasible. The maintenance cost is really high in this case. And the productivity is still a question. But the solar power system from Wind Voltz is prepared from a very advanced technology so that it can be called as hybrid power systems. Here we use both solar panels and wind turbines to produce electricity. So that you will get electricity for 24 hours per day. Easy to install and maintain the solar power system named solar mills are installed by Wind Voltz in Kerala. To know more details please visit the below link.

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