Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Government Hikes 5% Tax On Solar Power Equipments in India

Tax On Solar Power Equipment's in India
The new tax policy implemented in India by the Central government. A flat 5 per cent tax on all solar power equipment will put the sector on par with domestic coal from July 1 and make solar energy generation more expensive.All solar equipment’s and its parts would attract 5% GST only," Hasmukh Adhia, Revenue Secretary said in a tweet, conflicting to the initially planned two tax slabs of 5% and 18%. Government Hikes 5% Tax On Solar Power Equipments in india also reflect a change in the prices of solar power equipment.

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

GST may push up cost of solar power projects - The Economic Times

There is so many rumors are hearing about GST. GST may cause fluctuations in the price of solar energy products. But the government says that the new taxation will not have a greater impact on solar energy products. “Following GST, solar projects will be about 18% costlier on an average, while the cost of generation would go up by around 20%. We have estimated the incidence of GST to be around 23%-25% on various inputs for the segment,” said Ratul Puri, chairman, Hindustan Power Projects. 
Piyush Goyal
“It would require project developers to go back to banks for additional funding for projects under construction. It might require a minimum of three months to get additional funding, thus delaying projects.”  The new & renewable energy minister Piyush Goyal already stated that there will be zero impact of this new tax change. 

“Our calculation suggests that project costs would go up by at least 16% on an average since electricity has been excluded from GST and thus would not qualify for input tax credit. This translates into a 40-50 paise per unit rise in generation costs,” Sunil Jain (CEO at hero Future Energies) said. “The new regime will result in an increase of 18% in module cost, about 12% of inverter cost and 3% in all service costs – increasing overall project cost by about 12%,” said Vinay Rustagi, managing director, Bridge to India, a consulting firm. “New rates would hit more than 10 GW of ongoing utility scale projects and pose a threat to their viability.”

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems

solar tiles
Tesla offers solar roof system with infinity warranty for solar tiles. The installation processes will begin in June. Solar tiles can be in different styles and models. This may vary from slate to terra cotta or to smooth or textured dark gray color. Tesla needs $1000 for removing a house's existing roof and installing solar tiles and gave a battery to store power. 

Tesla's official website is incorporated with Google's project Sunroof and can use it to calculate the total cost of this installation. The solar roof tiles produced by Tesla is made of quartz glass. In the solar roof, it is all tiles are not solar tiles. It's a mix of solar and nonsolar tiles. The "infinity" warranty covers the glass in the tiles, Tesla says. The company offers a 30-year warranty for other aspects of the system, such as the tiles' power output and the system's ability to prevent leaks.

The price per square foot varies with the proportion of solar and nonsolar tiles. The active tiles have three main layers, with a base solar cell beneath a colored louver film that's covered by tempered glass.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

solar energy: India solar tariff drops below cost of coal-fired power | Times of India

 India solar tariff drops
Solar power tariffs are getting lower nowadays in India. Its current slab of price is Rs. 2.62 per unit which is lower than the charge of NTPC electricity generated by coal-fired plants. This amount was quoted by Phelan Energy & Avaada power during the bidding for packages of the 4th phase of Bhadla solar power project in Rajasthan. This rate beats the previous low of Rs. 3.15 per unit by Solairedirect in the auction for the project at Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh last month.
Solar power tariffs have been falling in the last three years due to the Narendra Modi government's thrust on raising India's green energy footprint and reduce oil imports. The National Solar Mission has a target of building 175 GW of green energy capacity by 2030.

The operation of conventional plants needs to maintain a balance between supply and demand. This may result in lower plant load factor for conventional power stations. And this will make an increase in the fixed cost component in the average cost of power and will favorably with state utilities. To know more about this News please follow the below link.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo - India

Renewable Energy World conference & Expo will be conducted on 17th May to 19th May 2017. The 3-day program is sponsored by the ministry of New & Renewable Energy. The main aim of this program is to share the knowledge about renewable energy and it's future developments. The panel discussions and Expo are conducted in the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi - India. 

The major discussion points are,

  • High-Level Plenary Panel Discussion: India’s Rapidly Transforming Power System
  • Examining the Policy Roadmap for the 175 GW, 2022 Target
  • Energy Storage &  Greater Renewable Energy Integration
  • How to Successfully Finance Renewable Energy Projects – Real-Life Examples
  • Focus on Microgrids
  • New Business Models for Renewable Companies
  • Latest Advances in Solar PV
  • Exploring How India’s Grid System Needs to Evolve
  • Renewable Energy: Innovation Financing- Corporate Success Stories
  • Bioenergy & Waste to Energy
  • Innovative Financing- Investors & Lenders: Innovative Solutions
  • Strategic Issues in Wind Development
  • Unlocking India’s Hydro Potential via Small-Scale Generation
  • Impetus to Deliver Skilled Manpower for Renewable Energy Sector
  • Strategic Issues in Solar Development
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Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo - India

Monday, 8 May 2017

Google’s home solar panel estimates launch in Germany

Google’s home solar panel estimates launch in Germany
Google's project named Sunroof which is used to estimate whether homes get enough sunlight to switch to solar power. This project is implemented in Germany. This project is first established in the US. This project is launched in the year 2015. But in Germany Google provides Sunroof's coverage to most populated cities like Munich & Berlin. Google says that this will cover 40 percent homes in Germany. The Sunroof project will help the people to know whether using solar power will help them to reduce the energy charges. The solar panels are working with the availability of sunlight. Currently, Sunroof's Germany coverage is hosted on the website of electricity provider E.on.

This tool will provide visitors the overall E.on website. There may not be any other solar panel company details. Google isn’t selling something either way - for now, this really is just a reference tool. Sunroof is free even for the panel installers. The spokesperson clarified that Google doesn’t make any money off of the product.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

7,000 railway stations in India will be powered by solar energy

Indian railway installing rooftop solar panels in stations
Indian Railway is working for years to meet its energy requirement with renewable energy sources. Indian Railways electricity consumption is nearly 2 percent of the country's total consumption. And for this, they are using 2.6 Billion liters of diesel each year. And it needs one fourth of Indian Railways income to meet this expense. At this stage, union government is planning to install rooftop solar panels in all railway stations. This project is handled by the solar mission of the Indian Railways program.

Indian Railways aims to launch large-scale solar projects, including rooftop solar panels & ground-mounted capacity. Also, the companies that manufacture the energy systems will be able to purchase the energy produced directly from Indian Railways. India’s government is investing in solar power in order to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Developing solar power in railways is a step in this direction and represents the right path towards a more sustainable development of the country. 

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Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo - India

Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo
"Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo" is a program that aims to bring the industry experts together to exchange  knowledge and showcase new renewable energy technology developments. 

The main aim of this world conference is to build new power generation systems, that will work on low carbon emission systems. This year, the world conference is going to conduct in India. This programme will help India, in the new developments of "Renewable Energy"

This "World Conference" program is sponsored by "Ministry of New & Renewable Energy". The  "Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo" will begin on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 and end on Friday, 19th May 2017.

There will be total eight sessions in this three days, from 17-05-2017 to 19-05-2017. Each session will be rich with panel discussions and expert speeches. Attending this conference will be really worthy. Register and hear about the latest challenges and developments for the Indian renewable energy market and make important business connections in this market.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Solar Mill Distributors in Kerala - WindVoltz Energy Pvt Ltd.

Solar Mill Distributors in Kerala - WindVoltz Energy Pvt Ltd.

WindVoltz Energy

WindVoltz is the Authorized Solar Mill Distributors in Kerala. We have a dedicated team of Engineers for Designing and Installing our Products. Our Solar Mill can be used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial areas. Our products will be Roof Mounted and silent operation technology. 

Once Solar Mill is installed - You will start saving Money and Environment.

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                                     Gowreeshapattom, Pattom,
                                     Thiruvananthapuram - 695004