Monday, 31 July 2017

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems - Windvoltz Trivandrum Kerala

hybrid renewable energy systems
In Kerala people depends on the hydro electric power projects for electricity. In the News, we heard about Athirapilly hydro electric power project. As you all know that Athirapilly is a rich forest and a waterfall too. We all love to be there. We love to play in the waterfalls and love to be there with nature.

Since power/electricity is one of the basic requirement for human beings why we can't look for an alternative? We all heard about renewable resources. These resources may include sun light, the wind, tides etc. To convert them to electricity is a little bit expensive but we can do it. The hybrid renewable energy systems like solar mill can do it properly. These hybrid renewable energy systems are feasible and nature-friendly. Buy the solar mills from wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd and save your money. Follow the below link for more details.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Top 5 major Green Energy Invention projects 2017

 Green Energy is a natural resource, sunlight, wind, rain, tide, etc. are the sources of green energy. Now the importance of these source of energy is inevitable. Green energy is also renewable. Here we discuss about five major green energy invention projects. These inventions are really helpful to the world.

green energy

                                                   Top 5 major Green Energy Invention projects 2017

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Technology Zone of Night Time Solar Power - Windvoltz

The Night Time Solar Power is the one of the project plan to contribute a efficient technology with the support of  Renewable energy Technology, Photovoltaic Technology and Solar power. The  solar energy is the one of the new leading technology, And  mainly the conversion of the energy from sunlight to electrical energy. Renewable energy is energy renewable from natural source such as sunlight, wind, tides. The Photovoltaic technology is best known as a method for generating electric power by using solar cells to conversion of electricity. we get more information by reading the post Technology Zone of Night Time Solar Power - Windvoltz.

Large Cheapest Night Time Solar Power - Windvoltz

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Hybrid Solar Energy Wind Mill-from Best Solar Company Kerala-WindVoltz

As humans are inventing new technologies and equipments every day, the need of power increases. Yet the traditional ways of power generation like fossil fuels are not dependable as they are scarce already in earth. To investigate for such energy sources, they are time consuming and expensive. Hence humans thought of making power from natural sources like Sun, Wind, Water etc..  and developed new technologies to make energy from these renewable energy sources.

Though many companies came with this new technologies to generate power, the problems associated with them was the availability of these sources in constant. For example, in rainy season, or at night it is difficult to get sunlight to produce energy. Like that when there is no wind, windmills can't generate energy from wind power. And in summers, when the water is in scarce, can't depend on hydro energy too..

To solve these issues WindVoltz came up with a solution, hybrid energy generation; means not depending on a single natural source of energy, but mixing the power of another too to generate constant energy. Thus the 'Hybrid Solar Energy Wind Mill' from WindVoltz was developed. This will harness energy when sunlight is available and same time harvest energy from wind also whenever available. Both energies are converted into electric power using the latest technologies and hence the consumer can rely upon this device for a constant energy without interruption. If you are planning to buy a solar or wind power generation system, please check this Hybrid Solar Energy Wind Mill' system that can give you more than what you are expecting from a renewable energy system. To know more please click on the below link and visit our website..

Hybrid Solar Energy Wind Mill-from Best Solar Company Kerala-WindVoltz »

Best Solar Company Kerala - Windvoltz

Now a days  importance of renewable energy is increasing as we have already knew the lack of non-renewable energy sources. Non- renewable energy sources like fossil fuels are in scarce today and humans are trying to find an alternative for this. The other problem we are facing with non-renewable energy is the cost involved for extracting it from various sources. The processes to extract it is complicated and time taking. And above all these power generation system using fossil fuels etc..emits high carbon and gases to the air. These pollute our environment and it affects the climate change & life on earth.

All the above issues can be solved using renewable energies like wind and sunlight that are easily available from nature. The cost for this is just for the technology we use to generate power using this energy sources; as wind & sunlight are direct sources of energies. We don't need to extract it from anywhere. The only issue with these energies are the availability of it in various areas and seasons in its required intensity to generate power. Here comes 'WindVoltz ('The Best Solar Company in Kerala) with the solution. WindVoltz introduced a hybrid power generation system using wind and sunlight in a single equipment. This can harness energy from both wind and sunlight and hence it won't run out of energy. To know more about hybrid solar wind power generation system and other WindVoltz renewable energy products, Please click the below link.

Best Solar Company Kerala- Windvoltz »

Large Cheapest Night Time Solar Power - Windvoltz

solar power

Solar power in UAE has taken steps to introduce solar energy in large sacle and planning to generate majority of its electrical energy from soalr and nuclear. According to this DUBAI  is introducing Large Cheapest Night Time Solar Power Projects. DEWA (Dubai Electricity And Water Authority) announced 4 consortiums of 200MW solarw power projects and using Photovoltic (PV) and Concentrating solar power (CSPTechnology.

Large Cheapest Night Time Solar Power - Windvoltz

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches that'll save thousands of litres of diesel — Quartz

India is rolling out trains with solar-powered coaches that'll save thousands of litres of diesel — Quartz

India's largest travel network Indian Railway still uses Diesel as the fuel for train engines. But now they are started to use solar panels for other purposes. The solar panels fitted on the trains can produce electricity to power the lights, fans, and other display systems in the passenger trains. By this technique, Indian railway can save litres of diesel. On July 14, 2017, Indian railway started this new service. A set of 16 solar panels is used to produce the electricity. This will save almost 21000 liters of Diesel. 
This rooftop solar trains are designed by Jakon engineers. The speed of trains is high. So engineering solar panels on the train top is really difficult. Rather than this, the railway station rooftops are also using roof top solar energy. These works are done according to the ambition of prime minister Narendra Modi.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Solar Company Kerala -Windvoltz Trivandrum -Solarmill For Home

solar company kerala
Windvoltz is one of the most well known solar company in  Kerala based in Trivandrum district. WindVoltz is famous for solar energy solutions and solar panels.  They distribute solar energy systems and solar panels anywhere in Kerala. 

The specialty of WindVoltz  is their hybrid power generation systems. These hybrid power generation systems use the power of both sunlight and wind.  These are renewable energies that are plenty available around us without giving any price. The issue with depending on any energy source alone is solved here as any of the energy sources will be available at every time. (For eg: at daytime, sunlight will be plenty available but at night it is not at all available. But during this time wind energy can be utilized as the wind will be more available during night time.) Hence the shortage of power generation due to less energy source will not happen in such hybrid power generation systems.  

The main products of WindVoltz are Solar mill, Power mill, Mobile mill and Tower mill. All these power generation systems are hybrid systems. These are very effective and efficient in power generation. You can completely rely on hybrid power generation systems for your energy needs. Based on your need, Windvoltz can customize the design and development of power generation systems. To know more about the famous solar company in Kerala (WindVoltz) and their hybrid energy systems, follow the link given below.

Solar Company Kerala -Windvoltz Trivandrum -Solarmill For Home

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Wind Solar Hybrid Power System Suppliers Kerala - WindVoltz Energy Pvt Ltd

Wind Voltz, the best solar company, Kerala has a wide ranger of products that harness energy efficiently from the renewable energy sources like the wind and solar energy resource. This premium solar company in Kerala mainly aims at providing the best energy harnessing products that last longer and assure the best profits to its customers. This solar company in Kerala is the authorized distributer of products from WindStream Technologies Inc. The different products offered include Solar Mill, Mobile Mill, Tower Mill and Power Mill.   

Wind Solar Hybrid Power System Suppliers Kerala - WindVoltz Energy Pvt Ltd

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Solar Company Kerala -Windvoltz Trivandrum -Solarmill For Home & Office

Windvoltz – Blooming Solar Company KeralaSolar energy is the gateway to our future. It is renewable, abundant and clean. This makes it one of the best energy sources we can choose. By having Windvoltz – Blooming Solar Company Kerala install solar panels, you can start saving money now on your electric bill. Your savings will depend on the size of the solar system you decide to install. Saving money on your electricity bill can also lower your dependence on scarce fossil fuels, which also helps the environment. Take advantage of your land and open roof space and start helping the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint.

Advantages of  Windvoltz – Blooming Solar Energy.

Reduced operating costs comparing to other energy.
Locked-in energy costs for years to come.
Guaranteed energy output produced by your panels.
Flexibility and choices in both your installation and financing.

For Installing Windvoltz – Solar Energy Please click on the below Link. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Solar Company Kerala - Windvoltz Trivandrum - Solar Mills For Home & Office

As we all know that the Earth is polluted with the carbon footprints. The amount of Carbon in the atmosphere is raising day by day. And also due to the high carbon emission, the greenhouse effect is also happening on the Earth. These all things are happened due to the use of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels are treated as the non-renewable energy sources. The word non-renewable tells that the energy cannot be recreated. But renewable energy is a never-ending source of energy. Examples of renewable energy are sunlight, wind energy etc..
Solar Company Kerala - WindVoltz' Hybrid Energy Solar Energy System

"Windvoltz" is a solar company which promotes the use of renewable energy wind and sunlight. This solar company Kerala will help you to install the hybrid power generation products. The main products are the solar mill, power mill, tower mill, and mobile mill. You can choose the energy production equipment according to your need.

To fix your energy-related problems you can rely on this solar company in Kerala - "WindVoltz". Windvoltz is based in Trivandrum, Kerala and provides the best wind - solar energy solutions all over Kerala. Usually, most of the solar companies in Kerala are providing energy solutions with solar energy systems only. The disadvantage of these type energy solutions is the shortage of energy due to the less availability of sunlight. This lack of sunlight causes due to many reasons; sometimes it may cause by rain, clouds, shadows etc. At night also sunlight won't be available. So, whenever there is no sunlight, the production of energy will be less.

Windvoltz has a solution for this shortage of energy using solar energy only. Hence they found a solution, with wind as well joined to their energy producing system. These type of energy production system combining the power of both solar energy and wind energy are called hybrid wind - solar energy systems. Windvoltz' solar mill, power mill, tower mill, and mobile mill are all hybrid energy systems like this. To know more about this effective, efficient and powerful energy production systems, Visit the link given below.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lyft's autonomous electric vehicles will run on 100% renewable energy

Autonomous electric vehicle - renewable energy
Lyft is one of the top company in ridesharing. Now they are planning to run autonomous electric vehicles using 100 percent renewable energy. 
This parallel travel solution will change the mode of energy to renewable and to green cars or hybrid energy based cars. The predominant fuel is the fossil fuels. But to reduce the carbon emission the green energy initiatives are done. A fuel based car will produce carbon through its tailpipe. But an electric car will be working on electricity produced through solar power or other clean energy solutions. 

Even though these all are pollution creators we can't reduce the number of cars and drivers. In this extent, Lyft is planning for autonomous EV's. They will help in clean energy and clean transportation. According to Lyft co-founders, the company is committed to using 100% renewable electricity to charge its forthcoming fleet of autonomous electric vehicles. The nuTonomy self-driving vehicle pilot program launching in Boston this year will also use renewable energy.  By combining clean cars and clean energy with self-driving technology, the company expects to cut CO2 emissions for the US transportation sector. 

To know the details of this project please visit the below link.