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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy - Windvoltz

Solar Energy- The Renewable Energy

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Solar energy is nothing but the radiant energy emitted by the Sun. Solar is the Latin word for ‘SUN’. Solar energy is put to use by evolving technologies like Solar Heating, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Energy, Molten salt power plants and Artificial Photosynthesis. Solar energy is a high appealing source of electricity because of its large magnitude. It has become the world’s fastest growing source of power as per the report given by the International Energy Agency.

Solar energy has both advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are few advantages and disadvantages of Solar energy:


  • Solar energy is Renewable energy source
  • This kind of energy also reduces the electricity bills
  • Solar energy can be used for diverse purposes (produce electricity, distil water, it can also be made into materials used for buildings).
  • Low maintenance cost of solar energy systems.
To produce electricity for households, schools and communities in remote areas, PV panels are used increasingly. PV panels are also used for supplying power to water pumps and telecommunication.


  • The price of purchasing solar system is really high.
  • The solar energy is always depended on the weather.
  • The storage of solar energy is really expensive.
  • Solar energy consumes a lot of space.
 These are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Solar energy is useful

The Sun helps our planet as a powerful source by giving us pure and reusable energy to power our world. The human race can be now less dependent on more costly and damaging source of power as solar energy is free of cost and does not create pollution. Solar energy is cost effective, user friendly so that they can easily beat the fossil fuels. By promoting the use of solar energy or any form of renewable energy, we can avoid air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution and make the Earth a better place to live in. Windvoltz is an organization

Friday, 24 November 2017

7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home - Save Our Planet

7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home - Save Our Planet

Energy Conservation Tips For Home

We must learn to conserve energy. The power that we are using in our home requires greater effort to produce. We are providing some good energy conservation tips.

If you implement the following tips to conserve energy you can gain some monetary benefits.
  • Use Energy efficient bulbs for light. The CFL and LED bulbs are energy efficient and available at lower rates. Select bulbs according to your needs. Switch off unwanted bulbs so that you can save energy.
  • Plant some shady trees near your house to reduce the heat inside your rooms. Trees will provide shades and you will get some cool weather inside your rooms.
  • Check your air conditioner and clean it occasionally. If there is more dust in air conditioner then the machine needs to work hard.
  • Buy energy efficient electronic equipment for home. Check the energy stars before buying the Television, Washing Machine, Grinder etc. The Energy star indicated the energy efficiency and power consumption of your equipment. More stars mean the product is good to use.
  • Power electronic devices using a power strip will help to use lesser power. And to switch off all the devices you just need to unplug the power strip. Easy and smart way to reduce power consumption.
  • Low flow showerheads and faucet aerators will reduce the power consumption. 

7 Energy Conservation Tips For Home - Save Our Planet

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Solar Consultancy Under KSEB

Solar Consultancy Under KSEB

solar consultancy kerala

The Kozhikode Indian Institute Of Management suggest Kerala’s Discom to start a solar consultancy division under KSEB. The IIMK conducted a study to enhance the service quality and organizational effectiveness in the year 2014. The KSEB has the good strength in the area of transmission infrastructure design and grid integration. So that many  consultants are ready to associate KSEB as technical partners. The solar industry in Kerala can be successive if these recommendations are done properly. By the end of 2022, there will be at least one solar panel on every roof in Kerala.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Kanjikode Wind Farm - Kerala's Largest Wind Farm

Kanjikode Wind Farm

Kanjikode Wind Farm

The largest wind farm in Kerala is situated in Kanjikode. This wind farm is in Palakkad district. This project will certainly a solution for the power deficiency in the state. Its initial production capacity is 22 MW. 

The company named Index Wind is implementing this project here. As per the agreement, the Kerala State Electricity Board will buy power from this wind farm. A total of 11 windmills are installed in this wind farm. 

The cost for this initial phase is 15 crore for each windmill. This wind energy farm is a part of KINFRA industrial park. Kerala government is stepping forward to implement nonconventional energy widely in this state. This is the largest wind farm in Kerala. 

Kanjikode Wind Farm - Kerala's Largest Wind Farm

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

The Sanatana Dharma College popularly known as SD College is situated in the Alappuzha district. Recently they installed solar panels on the rooftops of their college building. This college got A+ NAAC accreditation. 

The installation of solar panels aims to reduce the power bills and promote green and clean energy. The solar energy produced using solar panels will be used to power the college as well as excess power will be given to KSEB. For this purpose, the solar panels are connected to KSEB's grid. The payment for the power will be given annually. 

This college was established in the year 1946 under the guidance of Sri K. Parthasarathy Iyengar and Sri V. Sundara Raja Naidu. This college gives good education for students. The solar energy initiative will surely improve the minds of students. They can understand the power of solar energy from their educational institution. To know more about this first solar powered college in Alappuzha please visit the below link.

SD College Becomes The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

Monday, 20 November 2017

Solar Panels For Schools

Solar Panels For Schools

Solar Panels For CBSE Schools 

A school is a place where students receive information. So it is the best place to provide information about renewable energy. To save our mother earth we need to start using renewable energy products. 

The CBSE suggested all the schools to install rooftop solar panels. A solar panel can produce electricity from the sunlight. So the energy thus produced is renewable energy. By implementing rooftop solar panels in schools the management can reduce their power bills. They can also sell out the excess power to KSEB and can get the benefits. 

One of the main things to be noted is that about the subsidies. The government is providing subsidies for people who are installing solar panels. The government should give more amount as the subsidy for the schools. Thus the initial cost can be easily covered. The schools usually have generators as power backup but most of the generators are working with fossil fuels. This will increase the pollution. And the cost of fossil fuels is going higher and higher. 

To know more about this new CBSE Circular visit the below link.

Solar Panels For Schools

Monday, 13 November 2017

Banasura Sagar Solar Project In Kerala

Banasura Sagar Solar Project In Kerala

Floating Solar Plant In Kerala

The biggest floating solar plant in our country is situated in the Banasura Sagar Reservoir. The location of this dam is in the Wayanad district. This dam was built in order to support the Kakkayam hydroelectric power plant and at the same time to provide water for irrigation and drinking water.

Features Of Banasura Sagar Solar Project

The Banasura Sagar Solar Project is done by the Kerala State Electricity Board. This solar plant can produce power up to 7.5 Lakhs annually. The solar panels are floated with the help of Ferro cement floaters. So they can be kept safe. 

The solar panels are kept in the water will help to reduce the maintenance work. If a solar panel is kept in the ground or rooftop we need to clean the dust to increase the energy efficiency of solar panels. Here inside of dam, there will be less dust. The total cost of this project was around 9.25 crores. The solar panels will contribute electricity to the nearby areas with the help of underwater cables.
Banasura Sagar Solar Project In Kerala