Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Naples Zoo teams up with FPL to install solar power panels

Naples Zoo teams up with FPL to install solar power panels
Naples Zoo teams up with FPL to install solar power panels
The Naples Zoo is planning to add solar panels to their parking area. The solar panels are fixed by the Florida Power & Light company under the SolarNow program. They will install more than 700 panels which will generate 200KW power. 

Te added the advantage of solar panels are they will cover about 100 of the zoo's parking spaces. Naples Zoo CEO Jack Mulvena said that the solar panels will help to reduce the shade shortage and as well as it is a common request from the zoo patrons. They need the conservation and provide education to other people regarding this. Florida Power & Light company spokeswoman Alys Day said that the company is planning to bring solar projects to the city. "A lot of people love to go to the zoo, and it's a perfect fit," Daly said. 

The customers of FPL is paying $9 per month as a contribution to SolarNow program. And the excess power from Naples Zoo will be given to FPL's power grid. The company already runs six solar plants, including one at Babcock Ranch in Charlotte County. To know more about SolarNow please visit the above link.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint | Grist

Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint | Grist

Great technologies and researches are taking place in the different parts of the world. Recently, RMIT University in Australia is developing a solar paint that can create clean energy. This paint absorbs the water vapor in the air and then uses energy from the sunlight to split water vapor into Hydrogen and Oxygen. This Hydrogen will power fuel cells or used to power combustion engines. 
energy providing paint

“Hydrogen is one of the cleanest fuels since it turns into water when burned,” explained the paper’s lead researcher, Torben Daeneke. According to this new system, there is no harmful side products are created. Also, there will be no green gas emissions. The synthetic molybdeum sulphide is the moisture absorbent in this photocatalytic paint. The titanium oxide is the light absorbing compound. This paint has more ability to absorb vapor than other things.  

The critics have their own words about the hydrogen economy. The Hydrogen economy created by the new paint will help to reduce the carbon emissions. But the problem here is the workability of this paint. There need to be constantly checking and research on this topic to get the best results. We need to be patient for the developments in this hydrogen economy.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Solar power will take a hit during the Aug. 21 eclipse

Solar power will take a hit during the Aug. 21 Eclipse - The Washington Post

August 21 Solar Eclipse
A solar eclipse is on the way in the California and nearby places on August 21, 2017, which will reduce the solar power generation temporarily for a particular time period. The worker's game plan for the Solar Eclipse is to provide sufficient electricity using other modes such as hydroelectric power or from natural gas and when the sun comes out from Eclipse move back to sun power.

They are planning to do so with an aim that the citizens never knew the power drop. This eclipse is passing from Oregon to South Carolina in a curved path. But this will effect the golden state which is the nation's solar power generation place. There will be 50 to 75 percent reduction in solar power generation. From 7.45 AM to 12.45 PM there will be partial darkness. At this time the rooftop solar systems will go offline. So they will connect to the grid to take electricity. As per the calculation, the utility workers need to create 6000 MW electricity to avoid the power failure situation.

California Independent System Operator (ISO), a nonprofit that manages California’s power grid is planning to provide power using the natural gas. The natural gas is available 53 percent in California. At the time of Solar Eclipse the solar power generation will be reduced to 70 MW per minute and once the solar eclipse is over then it will be 90 MW per minute.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India

Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India

cheaper solar power projects in india
There are many Solar Power Projects available in india. Solar power plants in india are increasing day by day. And the fact is that solar energy is more cheap than the other energies. Since there are more cheaper power plantsin india. Man have to utilize maximum resources from solar plants because they are available sufficiently.