Saturday, 12 August 2017

Solar Power For Homes In Kerala - Solar Electricity - Wind Voltz Kerala

Solar Power For Homes In Kerala
The electricity become as a basic commodity of the human. We need electricity through out the day. In Kerala, the electricity is produced and distributed by KSEB. They have various hydro electric projects for electricity production. But a point to be noted that the hydro electric power projects are working on the water provided by monsoon rains.

Due to the climatic changes, the amount of rainfall is getting reduced by day by day. Our state is going to an energy crisis. At this time we need to think about alternatives for the eletricity generation. The solar power for homes is one idea which can help us in this time. Wind Voltz introduces solar electricity which can be used to power the home. The solar electricity generated from solar mills installed on the roof tops can be used in the day as well as night. Since solar mill can produce electricity from the wind which can be available for 24 hours. Visit the link for more details.

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