Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Hybrid Energy Technologies - Tower Mill - Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd

Hybrid Energy Technologies - Tower Mill
Hybrid Energy Technologies are becoming popular today as stand-alone power systems are becoming costlier day by day. A hybrid energy system means more than one renewable energy sources are used together to generate power. The advantage of using hybrid energy system will increase the efficiency of the system by giving constant power with a balance in the supply of energy. The main sources of renewable energy are, sunlight, wind, tides, rain, geothermal heat etc.. 

Windvolts Energy Pvt. Ltd. is using wind power and solar power to generate hybrid energy systems. WindVolts Tower Mill is a very useful hybrid energy system distributed by Windvoltz. It is used for providing power to telecommunication towers in remote areas where commercial electric power distribution systems are unavailable. Tower mills can effectively harness energy from both wind and sunlight and convert into electricity. Since both energy sources are available at different times, (for example at day time when sunlight is available, photo voltaic cells in the solar panels in tower mill will convert the solar energy to electricity and at night the blow of wind will be more and hence the wind turbines will convert the wind power to electric power.) energy break will not happen in hybrid energy systems. To know more about hybrid energy technologies/ hybrid energy power generation systems/ Tower mill, visit WindVoltz Website ( or click on the below link.

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